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The benefits of using birch

A uniform straight grain, beautiful hardwood Birch has the benefits you want for your kitchen cabinets.

Here's why you need cabinets in your garage

Cabinets for your garage? Why yes, renovating your garage is simpler than you think…

Increase your home value fast

Here are some options on how to renovate your home indoors and out to add value quickly.

Southern California business-owner Yan Chang

Took a group of American students on a trip to China which featured cultural immersion, an exchange of educational methodologies, and an increased international respect and understanding.

It's whats inside that counts: cabinet accessories

Don't just plan for the exterior look of your new kitchen cabinets, what's on the inside is just as customizable.

Why it's better to install kitchen floors before cabinets

Does your kitchen remodel include new flooring? Will you be painting? Why do most experts suggest an order to follow with exceptions.

Temecula may be known for it's wine

Temecula California is not just wine country, its climate and academics has helped the population grow and residents enjoy local trusted companies when remodeling their homes.

Dark kitchen cabinets are classy

Dark cabinetry is sublime when mixed with bright, bold colors. Paired with white or your favorite colors muted are also impressive choices...

How to choose the right kitchen cabinets

Cabinets play a huge role in setting the theme of your space. Do you prefer modern or classic? A clean atmosphere or eclectic flair? These are important questions when designing your kitchen and the best way to answer them is becoming familiar with vast variety of cabinet styles.

Is your kitchen out of date?

When you ask people, who are house hunting what the most important feature they're looking for in a new home, they almost always say they'd like a large, bright, modern kitchen.

Paint vs. stain on wood cabinets

By choosing to either paint or stain your cabinets you determine the overall style of your kitchen. Paint and stain offer unique qualities that will compliment your kitchen.

Ways you can style your white kitchen cabinets

There are many ways of styling your white kitchen to get a bright clean look of a white kitchen along with elements that lean towards the style you like.

RTA Cabinets vs. Pre-Assembled Cabinets

When weighing pros and cons between the two, consider the cost difference as well as availability. Itemize your order to include only what you need & yes, even you can install RTA cabinets!

Why are RTA Cabinets so popular?

The popularity of RTA cabinets has steadily increased due to being “ready-to-assemble” (hence the acronym). However, what are the reasons behind consumers preferring RTA cabinets over other kinds?

Get cabinets mailed direct to your home

One of the easiest ways to save money in a do it yourself renovation, is by choosing RTA cabinets from a quality company like Domain Cabinets. You simply order online, get cabinets mailed direct to your location, and follow the easy assembly instructions.

Are bamboo cabinets as good as everyone says?

Bamboo has recently been explored as a substitute for wood and has been found as a desirable material for cabinets and even floors. Bamboo kitchen cabinets are long-lasting since they have phenomenal strength to withstand even the busiest home’s daily use.

Are gray cabinets right for your kitchen?

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you are remodeling or simply sprucing up your kitchen, you want to make it an inviting space that will welcome family and friends. Perhaps the most deciding factor for your kitchen will be the color...

What are Shaker style cabinets?

If you’ve spent any time watching HGTV’s house hunters or home remodeling shows, you’ve heard a lot about the various different cabinet styles. Kitchens are actually one of the most important areas of the home to any homeowner, and older . . .

Are ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets any good?

Updating the design of some of the shared living areas in your home can be as easy as adding a coat of paint on the wall and a few new decor pieces. The rooms with permanently installed features, such as bathrooms and kitchens . . .

Boost the value of your home

Is your home out of date, with colors and design elements that are a dead giveaway to the era when it was built? Done correctly, remodeling and installing updates to decor can significantly enhance the beauty of your home as well as pay dividends . . .