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Frameless Lucca Slab Madison Slim Shaker Oak Pacific Natural Slim Shaker
Supreme Oak Shaker Toscana Natural Birch Alton Iced Mocha
Havana Cafe Honey Shaker Pacific Rustic Oak
Elegant Shaker Oak Impression Rustic Oak American Oak

Frameless Lucca Slab
Best Seller: Frameless Lucca Slab

Clear coated or lightly toned cabinets accent the natural beauty of wooden doors while still protecting against the natural wear and tear of everyday use. Our most popular light stain style is the Frameless Lucca Slab for its modern look and affordable price. For those looking for darker tones, you can take a look at the Alton Iced Mocha, or move over to our Mid Tone cabinets. Compare pricing & detailed specifications of all our stock light stain cabinet lines below.

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