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Metro by CLEAF® Luxe by ALVIC® StyleLite® by EGR


We currently provide three door collections whose sheet materials are manufactured by global industry leaders: Metro by CLEAF® (Italy), Luxe® by ALVIC (Spain) and StyleLite® by EGR (Australia). The doors, drawer fronts, and door material accessories are cut to size from the sheet materials, and then laser edge-banded in Southern California. Unmistakably with an European minimalist aesthetic, our door collections offer total 182 choices of high gloss, supermatte, and textured wood grain finishes.

Metro by CLEAF®

The Metro By CLEAF® collection is comprised of 88 Italian textured TSS (Thermo Structured Surface) options. TSS is the process of unique decorative papers being treated with melamine resins under heat and pressure to become one solid panel. These textured surfaces give the appearance of wood with the benefits of being highly resistant to scratches, stains, and warping.

10' x 10' Sample Kitchen: $6,092

Luxe® by ALVIC

From vibrant high gloss to supermatte finish with a silky touch, Luxe® by ALVIC collection offers 45 color and finish choices in the latest technology in lacquered surface materials. High resistance to moisture, dry heat, stain, and abrasion, Luxe® is a sustainable door surface that combines aesthetics with functionality.

10' x 10' Sample Kitchen: $6,357

StyleLite® by EGR

The StyleLite® by EGR collection includes 49 ultra-modern High Gloss and Supermatte acrylic finishes using patented TruColor co-extrusion technology. Its high gloss finish surfaces offer the most ripple free mirror effect, and its acrylic top layer is thick and strong enough to bend and fold, creating stunning looking floating shelves and other custom items. StyleLite ® is the preferred choice of many architects and designers.

10' x 10' Sample Kitchen: $6,374