18 Stock Product Lines on sale


sale ends Oct. 31st, 2021

Free Terminal Pickup or $295 Residential Delivery promotion applies when all stock order items are from the same warehouse and order subtotal (not including sales tax or shipping charges) $3,000 or more.

Not applicable to custom products, sample design or service orders.

Because of wide-spreading inventory shortage and logistic challenges at sea freight ports, we will ship your entire RTA stock cabinet order when all inventory in your order becomes available.

Additional cost will apply if multiple shipments are requested.

Peppercorn Shaker Now On Sale

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Additional Sales This Month

Valleywood Shaker White - 30% Off

Frameless Lucca Slab - 30% Off

Frameless Bella Slab - 30% Off

Valleywood Shaker Gray - 25% Off

Malibu White Shaker - 25% Off

Malibu Gray Shaker - 25% Off

Vista Frameless White - 30% Off

Kingston White Shaker - 25% Off

Malibu Antique White - 25% Off

Honey Shaker - 25% Off

Ash Gray - 25% Off

Antique White Glaze - 25% Off

New Java Shaker - 25% Off

Peppercorn Shaker - 25% Off

Vista Frameless Bristol - 25% Off

Coffee Square - 25% Off

Ginger Square - 25% Off

Malibu Ash Taupe - 25% Off