- Sales apply to stock RTA cabinets only: Not applicable to custom products, sample design or service orders.

- Ships all at once: Because of wide-spreading inventory shortage and logistic challenges at sea freight ports, we will ship your entire RTA stock cabinet order when all inventory in your order becomes available.

- Additional shipping cost: Additional cost will apply if products in the order are from different warehouses or multiple shipments are requested because of inventory availabilities.

- Hard-check inventory is possible when customer is ready to place an order in the same day. Complete shopping cart and credit card payment info are needed.


Impression Rustic Oak - 30% Off

Impression White Oak - Popular

Impression Weathered Oak - 30% Off

Impression Black Walnut - 30% Off

Impression Gloss White - 30% Off

Impression Gloss Gray - 30% Off

Other Sales This Month

Dark Wood Slab - 30% Off

Frameless Matte White - 20% Off

Walnut Slab - 30% Off

Vista Frameless White - 25% Off

Frameless Lucca Slab - 30% Off

Ash Gray - 30% Off

Kingston Gray Shaker - 25% Off

Charcoal Black Shaker - 30% Off

Coastal Shaker Gray - 30% Off

Kingston White Shaker - 30% Off

Malibu White Shaker - 25% Off

Coastal Shaker White - 30% Off

Charleston White Glazed - 30% Off

Charleston Saddle - 30% Off

Charleston Pure White - 30% Off