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Hardware for Custom RTA Cabinets

We use Blum®’s hardware exclusively for our custom cabinets. The highly acclaimed ClipTOP BLUMOTION hinges and TandemPLUS BLUMOTION glides are our standard hardware. We can add any desirable Blum products in your custom kitchen. Check out full range of Blum's hardware options here.

Blum® ClipTOP BLUMOTION Hinges

Your doors will never sound quieter with these soft-close BLUMOTION hinges. These hinges are tool free and are easy to snap into place. These hinges have a three-dimensional adjustment: side, height, and variable depth.

Blum® TandemPLUS BLUMOTION Drawer Runners

Our Blum® TandemPLUS BLUMOTION drawer guides come standard with easy adjustments and soft-close technology. No other brand compares to the graceful soft-close motion of these drawer runners.


Tip-On BLUMOTION for MOVENTO for wooden drawer boxes and Tip-On BLUMOTION for LEGRABOX is the latest technology in handless push-to-open door and drawer fronts. It’s a new way of operating in your kitchen. Even if your hands are full, your drawers open with a single touch. This upgrade brings functionality to your modern kitchen. Tip-On for LEGRABOX has fewer moving parts and provides same elevated push to open operation.

Blum® AVENTOS HF Bi-Fold Door Lift System

The AVENTOS HF and AVENTOS HK Top lift kits are two of the most popular Blum® systems. AVENTOS HF ideal applications is with a two-part bi-fold door that folds in the center when opening. It is an ideal solution for tall/wall cabinets with large doors because the handle stays within easy reach. It can also be used as a handless operation. Blum® HK Top door lift system is perfect for wide range access that doesn’t require you opening multiple doors to get the dishwasher unloaded. Combine the AVENTOS HK top with our Blum® Tip-On mechanism for a sleek functional look.

Blum® MOVENTO and LEGRABOX Drawer Box Adjustments

Blum® MOVENTO drawer guides are adjustable in four different directions when the wooden drawer box is installed. There is a side, height, tilt, and depth adjustment for a stress free install experience. Blum® LEGRABOX has a 3-dimensional adjustment; side, height, and tilt for a perfect alignment every time.