The benefits of using birch

Birch is a picturesque tree that often graces landscape paintings. A medium-sized tree native to northern America in temperate climates, the birch is more than just an aesthetic subject in art. Having a straight, uniform grain, Birch is an excellent hardwood often used in making kitchen cabinetry.

If you are deciding on what kind of cabinets to use for your kitchen, birch has many benefits! From being durable to having a long, even wood grain, birch is a versatile selection that will suit any kitchen style or layout. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets that are a guaranteed investment, look no further than birch cabinets!

Save on cost, not style

Discover how birch will complete your kitchen plans by checking out a few of the benefits of birch cabinets:

  • Affordable: Birch is native to the United States and is a renewable resource meaning it isn’t going to cost as much as imported mahogany or even maple. The raw materials alone cost up to 80 percent less when you choose birch!

  • Durable: Birch is a quality hardwood though its grain is a little coarser than maple. That’s why birch cabinets are worth the investment since they will hold up to the daily wear and tear your kitchen will endure in years to come. Being a sturdy wood, birch will save you the hassle of future remodeling and touch ups that other woods would require.

  • Timeless style: Due to its slightly rougher texture and light color, birch will bring character and warmth to any kitchen space. The only con of birch’s unique wood quality is that it is often resistant to dark stains. Though it can be stained to resemble mahogany, going to dark will result in an unappealing blotchy, uneven look.

Whether you are installing kitchen cabinets or replacing old cabinets, you cannot go wrong with birch!

Your new kitchen

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