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Hazel Maple Tall Filler

Hazel Maple Tall Filler
Hazel Maple Tall Filler 120"(h) x 3/4"(d). The 3D drawing is for illustration only and may not accurately reflect this cabinet's construction. Please contact us if you need more information.
Hazel Maple tall filler 120"(h) x 3/4"(d). Usually ships out in 3 to 4 business days. Use the table below to select size.

Item# Item Name Product Price Qty Add
CM34-3-HZM-JK Hazel Maple CM34-3 - 3"(w) x 120"(h) x 3/4"(d)
CM34-6-HZM-JK Hazel Maple CM34-6 - 6"(w) x 120"(h) x 3/4"(d)
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